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It is with great pleasure to have taken your 101 course with you. My wife and I had a blast!!! You, John are a very gifted teacher, it was the best introduction to shooting for her, as she was always on the fence to accept instruction, she has been a teacher for many years with xxxx in Southern California until she retired in 2019, she told me that she was very impressed by the way you conducted your instruction, and you John, broke the mental barrier, to the point to hear asking me when we could go to the range, on the other side, as you said.


I have been around the block in the shooting competitions around the world, mainly in Olympictrap, but also in live bird shooting, so I could tell immediately the caliber of instruction you render.


We thank you for letting us participate with you and look forward to maybe take another lessons with you in the future.


David A., Reno, NV

I can happily attest that I learned a great deal from your instructions, and I found your lecture and teaching style to be very professional, on-point, and edifying. (For what is it worth, I am a grad student and found your teaching skills on this subject matter to be superior to some of the professors I have studied under at university.)
-- Morgan S.   Reno

Thanks from both of us for your training course! You presented a program that was interesting, educational and informative. It doesn't hurt that you also have a sense of perspective and humor that we both find compatible with our own tastes.

-- Chip R.   Reno

I wanted to say that you were very professional and knowledgeable in your presentation - Thanks, I will let others know about you when given the opportunity

-- Mike K.    Reno

Thanks for the information, it is sincerely appreciated. I enjoyed our day together. You are on the ball as an instructor and your style is relaxing and cordial. I will recommend you to my friends and associates. I wish you all the best and please keep in touch.

-- Bill M.   Reno

Thanks for the class today. Having been around weapons all my life, I have developed an ability to see through the bs- I am sure you've seen plenty of it yourself. Whether it's gun shop salespersons who don't know what they're talking about, or your standard wannabe. So it is refreshing when I can learn anything new from someone who isn't blowing smoke and knows what he's talking about.

-- Derek M.   Sparks

I enjoyed your class very much . It was very informative and at a pace that made it most interesting. Thanks a lot and I will tell all my CCW friends about your classes...

-- J. Weaver   Sparks

Hello Mr. Glatthar,

I have been planning on acquiring a CCW for quite some time but would never seem to fit it in my busy schedule. I always found my work interfering with a class schedule from various instructors. Your classe(s) on Saturday are ideal for my schedule, and I found the information that you presented to be relevant and reliably correct. Your straight forward pleasant presentation makes learning the rules and regulations of the CCW permit process a breeze. I would recommend your classes to anyone!

Semper Fidelis, 

-- David P.    Reno


Thank you for the Concealed Weapons Training that you have provided. Your class was very informative and at the same time provided real life situations. The information and training that you have provided, will help to better protect myself and others in dangerous situations. Your ability to be flexible with dates, and mobile made for ease of schedule and location. Thank you for your time and dedication to this program.

-- Sergeant Troy T,  NAS Fallon Nevada 

I was totally impressed with the professionalism and depth of the course. All the subject matter was covered in depth and by being in our home in a relaxed and comfortable manner. I would and will recommend to any and all who have a interest in the course. Thank you John.

 -- Roy & Tara B.    Reno


Your CCW firearms course was very professional, concise and informative. It was an enjoyable 8 hrs. of classroom instruction including the live fire exercise. Your subtle humor also added to the enjoyable experience.

Thank you.

-- David A.   Reno


Thank you so very much for the excellent private CCW class. For me it was a very enjoyable day. I know that all the required topics were covered, but to some extent, the class seemed individualized to my firearms knowledge and experience, and filled in many holes in my knowledge. You presented many issues on firearms safety that I had not considered. The lecture and discussion on firearms concealment was extremely valuable. The class was so very interesting, and topics so well presented, that the time seemed to fly by.

By the way, this month I competed, for the first time, in a pistol bowling pin shooting contest here in Fernley, sponsored by the Stillwater Firearms Association. It was so much fun that I jointed the Stillwater Club and intend to compete in the steel plate and bowling pin pistol contests put on by the Stillwater club and the other firearm clubs in western Nevada. Yesterday I attended match safety observer training. The safety observer stand next to and just behind the shooters in each match, makes sure the shooter has sight and hearing protection, and continually watches only the shooter’s gun during the match, and keeps the shooter from violating any of the club’s safety rules. Now I am authorized to serve that function during club pistol matches.


Best regards.....

-- Jack G.    Lyon County


I was very encouraged through your class, John. I was almost going to back out from lack of confidence in handling pistols, but your class gave me knowledge and confidence to pursue the course. Thank you again.

-- Tara B.   Reno

Hi John, the class you gave us was a delight.

We have attended and given classes of this nature for the past 20 years, but there is always new information to gain. 

Your all day class seems to be over in a short time, so I am confident to say that your class was enjoyable.

The material and content were interesting to hear and see.

You are well organized. I look forward to future meetings with you.

Take care and congratulations to your continued success.

-- Hubert T.    Reno

Thanks John, I did enjoy the class. I will use you again and if I can find some one interested in ether a CCW or just safety I will pass on your name. Thanks again,

-- Kevin S.    Sparks

John, the class my wife and I took from you was very good, although I have been to them before Margie really enjoyed the class and needed the training. She told me this morning ," Thanks for making me get my CCW permit started by taking the class. "

John thanks again and keep up the good work.

Semper Fi

-- Brad W.   Reno


Thank you so much for providing such an informative class, I have had a CCW for 20 years in more than one state and I found your class not only very educational but friendly and very supportive of gun enthusiasts of all kinds.

Thanks again.

-- Kris S   Reno

Thanks John,

I printed out the form and Gail has already sent it in. Thanks for the class, it was very enjoyable and relaxed, we will definitely seek you out when we come back for our renewal. We went to the Sheriff’s office on Friday to submit our applications, they were the nicest most helpful folks, it took about an hour to complete and that’s with a few people ahead of us. Again thanks for making this not only a painless endeavor, but enjoyable.

 -- Mike and Gail S.   Shingletown, CA

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your time and well structured class. Your understanding of firearms and what it means to carry concealed and the responsibilities that go with that was worth every penny. Your class was not only informative but was enjoyable as well. That fact that you come to your student’s location helps to make the class a more personal experience.

Thank you,

-- Andy N.   Reno

Dear John,

We learned so much from your course, I am now confident my son is well educated in handling of firearms. I recommend this course highly. Great Job A+++++

Thank you,

-- Lorie S.   Sparks


Thank you for accommodating us with your CCW class on such short notice! As a Firearms Instructor with Homeland Security, it was refreshing to see an instructor with a genuine interest in teaching the information and not just collecting the payment! We are sent through so many classes in which we find the instructors just going through the motions. We will definitely recommend your course to all our instructors who pass through your area."


-- Tony R.   San Diego, CA


Thanks for a great course; as a firearms instructor myself I was hesitant about sitting through six hours of lecture but you gave a great class and even added several tricks to my bag o tricks. The laws and concealed carry holsters were especially informative and I look forward to spending time discovering the right holster for me.

I'll drop you a line when I'm in town; definitely need to add several pistols to my permit.

Thanks again,

-- Kevin M.   Irvine, CA


The pleasure was mine. Thanks for helping me complete the necessary training and for the 2nd Amendment discussion. It has been a long time since I thought about it or got fired up about gun control. I enjoyed the discussion.


Yeah, I'm about tired of being in "condition orange" too. Not my idea of a "work day" anymore.


I'll give you a call to grab a beer or something. Or maybe just go plinking.


Talk to you later.  Semper Fi!


-- Shannon B.   Reno

I just had the pleasure of completing a firearms safety course with A+ Firearms. I was quite anxious about the course, as I am not particularly familiar with firearms and such. What a pleasant surprise that the instructor, John Glatthar, was not only informative and patient with a novice like me, but he actually added humor to the course which helped to soothe my edgy nerves. I passed the written exam and discovered that I am a fairly decent shot, too! I highly recommend this course for anyone and, particularly, for those who may feel uncomfortable with the whole idea. Kudos!

-- Christy M.  Reno



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