Shooting Refresher and Tune Up Course
A 90 minute mini-course of skill development drills and exercises

Refresher Class Rates
$45 per person

Shooting is a perishable skill. Range practice is recommended at least once per month. This mini course includes skill development exercises you will really enjoy!

  • Slow fire for accuracy
  • Timed /cadence shooting
  • Rapid fire for self-defensive, shooting with “combat accuracy”
  • Strong hand and support hand shooting (left hand/right hand only)
  • Common malfunctions and how to clear them
  • Recreational “free time” for you to let loose!

How to sign up for the Refresher Course

  • This 90 minute session is run as an an integral part of our CCW renewal classes, so check our class calendar for CCW Renewal dates. No, you won’t be signing up for a CCW course – you will be coming to the range for the drills and shooting exercises only
  • Call us 775.842.6409 to a reserve a spot. We run small classes and have limited range space.
  • Pay in advance by credit card
  • Come to the range with the following items:
    • The gun(s) you wish to practice with
    • 100 rounds of ammo per handgun. Please, no hand loaded ammo
    • Ear and eye protection  – we have loaners, if needed
    • Clothing appropriate for weather conditions