Shooting Refresher and Tune Up Course
A 90 minute mini-course of skill development drills and exercises

Refresher Class Rates
1 person…… $40
2 persons……….. $30 each
3 or more………. $25 each

Shooting is a perishable skill. Range practice is recommended at least once per month. This mini course includes skill development exercises you will really enjoy!

  • Slow fire for accuracy
  • Timed /cadence shooting
  • Rapid fire for self-defensive “combat accuracy”
  • Strong hand and support hand shooting (left hand/right hand only)
  • Common malfunctions and how to clear them
  • Recreational “free time” for you to let loose!

Sign up for the Refresher Course

  • Check our class calendar
  • Call us to a reserve a spot for yourself, your family, or your group – discounts apply if you form a group.
  • Pay in advance by credit card
  • Come to the range with the following items:
    • The gun(s) you wish to practice with
    • 100 rounds of ammo per handgun. Please, no hand loaded ammo
    • Ear and eye protection  – we have loaners, if needed
    • Clothes appropriate for Nevada weather