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Click the calendar button above to see the available class dates.
Off-calendar dates for a private class are available by appointment

- Rates for Public and Private Classes -

  $115 for one person when you join a pre-scheduled
    public class

  $105 per person when two or more of you join a
    pre-scheduled public class

  $235 for a private class for one (just you and the instructor)

  $155 per person for a private class for two 

  $145 per person for a private class for three

  $135 per person for a private class for four

  $125 per person for a private class for five

  $115 per person for a private class for six

  Maximum class size = 6 students

  Prices subject to change

How to sign up for the CCW Initial class:

 1. Check the calendar for the public course date, or if you desire a private class for your group, give us some dates to work with

Note: If you request a weekday private class, we will most likely be able to accommodate you. If we cannot, please contact associate instructor Jim Collins at 775.842.9870.


2.   Call 775.842.6409 to pay for the class in advance by credit card. Note: Payments for classes are not refundable, once your credit card has been charged. Your payment  for the class can be applied toward a future class. If your credit card card is declined, your seat will not be reserved. Please give us a "good" card when you call.

3. The 8-hour class is held at a facility in Palomino Valley, 89510. You will be sent a map and directions by email.



What we cover in the course:

  • The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, and how it applies to us today

  • Federal laws on guns (NFA 1934, GCA 1968, etc)

  • Nevada statutes on how to legally buy, possess, and sell a firearm

  • NV statutes on the lawful use of deadly force. This is an eye opener!

  • Elements of self defense

  • The legal aftermath of a shooting - civil, criminal, and personal consequences

  • Interacting with police while armed, or in possession of a gun in your vehicle

  • How to legally travel with your firearms across the USA

  • Choosing a gun for self defense

  • Holsters and concealed carry devices

  • Gun safety - range etiquette, proper gun handling, universal safety rules

  • How guns work - parts, nomenclature, operation, loading, unloading, firing

  • Marksmanship elements - how to aim and hit the target accurately and safely

  • Ammunition - types, purposes, and effectiveness of various cartridges

  • Gun storage - how to achieve quick access inside the house and in your vehicle

  • And much more ....


Questions and comments during class are welcome and encouraged!



Other Important Information

1. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which you must present to your County Sheriff's Office in order to apply for your permit. For non-residents, you must submit the certificate to the Sheriff in the County in which you took the course. We are in Washoe County

2.  Rental guns (semi-autos and revolvers) are available from us for $20.00 each, including 30 rounds of ammunition.

3.   Bring ear and eye protection. If you don't have any, you may use ours at no charge.




- SUPER Important Information -


From time to time, we may have to cancel classes with short notice (less than 24 hours) due to inclement weather or because of an insufficient number of students to run a class. We will contact you by phone, by text, by email, and by any other means of communication that you furnish to us in order to alert you to a cancellation. PLEASE answer your phone, and check your texts and emails the day before class, otherwise you may drive a long way to find an empty room. 

We will never cancel a class without making a strong effort to contact you. 



Semper Firearms Training
9 am to 7 pm Seven Days a Week

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