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Political party loyalty:
Do they still deserve your vote?.
by John Glatthar 

It is nearly impossible to remove politics from a discussion about gun control. Equally difficult (and frustrating) is trying to comprehend the mindset of some who stubbornly continue to vote for a candidate simply and solely because that person is a member of Party X, Y, or Z.  One should not view a political party like a favorite sports team and root (or vote) for them out of unquestioning, mindless devotion. Every now and then, every voter should scrutinize and evaluate a party's polices and "leanings." How? Read and watch. Ignore their speeches, their slick, manipulative, political TV ads, and ignore the so-called "debates." You can learn nothing useful from these. What is most important to learn is how has he or she has voted in the past on the issues that are most important to you. That is the record you should be concerned with. That is something they cannot hide or manipulate, although many slick politicians will spin the truth and backpedal under pressure. As many have no fixed moral compass, they turn where the trends blow them.

When not just the candidate, but the party turns and attacks one of your cherished rights, it would be wise to look elsewhere - outside that party -  for a candidate who does support the rights you hold most dear.  An example of this is the union member who votes for the "X" party simply because that party tends to receive the support of their union bosses. Now, let's say that that a union member is an avid gun owner, a hunter, and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Until he is alerted to the fact that his party (the X party) has a long history of hostility towards guns and gun owners, and has, in fact, passed countless gun control laws, he may continue to vote for candidates from that party. If he does not wake up and "see the light," he would, in effect, be voting for people who will harm his cherished right.

Some people just vote a straight party line ticket at the voting booth, because it is easy to do so. Or maybe because their parents have always done so. What word do we ascribe to this behavior? Laziness. Yes, you've done your civic duty and have voted. Well and good. Congratulations. But did you vet the candidates in that party? Did you read their policy statements on the issues? Did you check out their voting records? It is easy to do with websites such as On the Issues.

The union member / hunter example I used above was not a hypothetical case - it was a real case. My former brother-in-law "came around" and stopped voting for his union's favorite party when I showed him unequivocal evidence that "his" party was hostile to guns and gun rights. What evidence? Among other things, Uncle Joe's Anti-Gun Wish List:

If he’s elected, he says he would . . .

  • Ban the manufacture and sale of “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines
  • Regulate possession of existing “assault weapons” under the National Firearms Act
  • Buy back civilian-owned “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines 
  • Repeal the PLCAA, allowing attorneys to sue gun makers into bankruptcy
  • Ban “ghost guns” by requiring background checks on sales of gun kits or for downloading 3D parts code
  • Limit gun buyers to one gun a month
  • Enact a federal universal background check law, ending all private gun sales
  • Ban gun ownership by anyone convicted of a “hate crime” misdemeanor
  • Expand the time limit for completing a NICS background check from 3 to 10 days
  • Incent all 50 states to enact “red flag” confiscation laws
  • Incent all 50 states to require licensing for gun ownership and purchases
  • Enact a federal “safe storage” law
  • Enact a federal law mandating “prompt reporting” of lost or stolen firearms
  • Prohibit the use of federal funds to train teachers to shoot and carry firearms


Have you voted yet? Are you a gun owner? Do you wish to retain your guns and your rights? Vote wisely.


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