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I Am More Important Than You
by John Glatthar
March 2020

"I am more important than you, so I - not you - deserve armed security protection. You cannot even be trusted with a gun to defend yourself and your family."  So sayeth the hypocritical rich and powerful in the political, business, and entertainment world.

As for politicians, are all of them from small city mayors to members of Congress, to executive Cabinet members, to the President himself, worthy of taxpayer-funded security?  Are their lives more "valuable" than yours or mine?

Most of us understand that political figures (love them or hate them) exert, and oftentimes abuse, power. Their decisions and policies have an effect on large numbers of people, sometimes in harmful, negative ways. It stands to reason, therefore, that there might a number of individuals who wish to harm them in return. Threats come with the job, and must be taken seriously.

How do the rich and powerful deal with this? They have armed security personnel, i.e. men and women with guns (gasp) who protect them 24/7/365. Some of this security is provided at taxpayers' expense, while others, e.g. Michael Bloomberg, pay for such services out of pocket. Most Americans cannot afford a cadre of personal bodyguards, so we must defend ourselves with the tools that we, for now, are free to buy and own.

Providing armed security for some powerful people in these positions is necessary. I understand and do not dispute that. What I find offensive is the attitude that some politicians develop over time where they come to believe that their lives are more “important” than yours or mine. More important than the people who elected them. The crucial concept that they tend to forget is that they are our public servants and “we the people” are their masters. Masters do not answer to their servants. They must be “slapped” from time to time to remind them of their proper station. A "royal and haughty" mindset feeds on itself and leads to further alienation from the common folk.

In the United States, we do not grant royal titles. George Washington made sure of that.  Instead, we have elections. Elected people serve, and then they go home. Sometimes. Occasionally, they sit in office far beyond their physical and mental capacity to operate. (Several US Supreme Court Justices come to mind.) Yet, they still receive taxpayer-funded, personal armed security.

Here, some questions materialize: since they are so comfortable in their plush offices, untouchable, accountable to no one, and protected 24/7/365 by armed guards, why do they push policies that are designed to disarm peaceful American people whom they have never met, and will most likely never meet?  Are they paranoid? If so, this is a serious psychosis, which is a mental illness, which by itself should be grounds for expulsion from office. Sadly, it is not. Again, they are untouchable  at those high levels of government.

Or is it that they have an irrational fear of inanimate objects, specifically weapons (firearms)? Hoplophobia is another mental disorder. Again, that illness should justify expulsion from office.

Is it that they have contempt for the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights? While holding a strong, divisive opinion does not constitute grounds for expulsion from office, violating the oath of office surely does. All elected officials swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Clearly, many violate this oath routinely, but are never held accountable.  

The U.S. Constitution, the document that this country was founded upon, includes the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, whether they like it or not.  Perhaps the penalty for violating the Oath of Office should be far more severe than it currently is.  That way, we can filter out some of the bad actors before they take the reins of power and sabotage our right to keep and bear arms.

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