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The right to own arms is not an entitlement.
 It is not a privilege. It is a RIGHT.
by John Glatthar
June 2021

What do we do with people who have taken on a mission to convince the masses that their basic human rights are really just entitlements or privileges? Some people vote for them! And thus we get bad law, the erosion of liberty, and eventually, tyranny.

One individual on such a mission is Jonathan Lowy, chief counsel for the anti-gun Brady Organization. Read this article, especially his comment:

“The Constitution, properly understood, should not entitle people to weapons of war, or prevent states from prohibiting military-style firearms or the large capacity magazines they use,” said Jonathan Lowy, the group’s chief counsel."

That statement is so profoundly ignorant and devoid of truth that I hardly know where to begin. Mr. Lowy uses antagonistic sophistry - a sneaky, misleading but clever style of argument. Anti-gun scoundrels resort to this tactic all the time. They cannot win arguments with facts and sincere truth. Most people with critical thinking skills (not taught in modern schools) see right through such K-Mart School of Law antics.

The Bill of Rights was never designed to limit the people's rights; it was designed to limit the government's intrusion on the inalienable rights that people already have. It was designed to restrain government abuse and over-reach. THAT is the “properly understood” Constitution. There is no mention of "weapons of war" in the Constitution. The broadly defined word "arms" is used. Look up the definition of arms.

To further illustrate Mr. Lowy’s feeble grasp on the subject matter - weapons of war - let’s look at the '03 Springfield rifle. Issued to American servicemen in WW1, WW2, and beyond, it was a bolt action .30 caliber main battle rifle. It was indeed a "weapon of war." Does Mr. Lowy propose to ban these 100+ year-old bolt action rifles, which are now prized collector’s items? How about rifled muskets, as used in the American Civil War? Should they be banned as well?

It is no stretch to say that the vast majority of firearms we now see in civilian (non-military) hands were derived from military patterns of the past. One refinement following another, over many centuries. That lineage is incredibly interesting to gun owners and collectors, including myself. Probably not so much to gun haters on the Left who, lacking such knowledge, simply want to ban products X,Y, or Z because those products’ appearance offends their sensibilities. These horrible guns are made of spooky black plastic instead of pretty black walnut. They have icky, mean-looking features which have no place in polite society. Tens of millions of Americans who own AR-15 type rifles would strongly disagree.     

Also another correction here: Americans are not "entitled" to own arms. We have certain inalienable rights, which are natural rights. No one in this country should have the power to issue decrees as to which person or group may or may not be allowed to exercise basic human rights. Only tyrants think that way. Tyrants and Mr. Lowy. But I repeat myself.  Further, we are not equipped with fangs or claws like wild animals have for self defense. We humans use our brains and creativity to fashion tools  for that purpose. Owning the tools we think we may need is not an entitlement. Nor do we have to explain or justify our choice of tools to you or anyone. My home, my life, my tools. Hands off!   

At Semper Firearms Training we encourage you to buy a good firearm, get trained in how to use it, and continue your firearms training as part of a defensive lifestyle.

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