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Happy New Year from Semper Firearms Training!
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- The Ammo Shortage -

A question on many gun owners’ minds is: what is the reason for the chronic ammunition shortage? The short answer is that in 2020, there were 7 million new gun owners. On average, a person buys two (2) boxes of ammunition to go with a newly purchased gun. On top of that, the rest of the [estimated] 80 million gun owners were not only buying their “usual” amounts of ammo, they were snatching up and stocking up on extra ammo like mad - a predictable pattern in uncertain, troubled times. Do the math.

The shortage is NOT due to the manufacturers “holding back.” There is no logical reason to do so. Please watch this video presented by the CEO of America’s largest ammunition manufacturer:

All that info doesn’t make it any easier to find ammo. Since I am asked so often, I compiled a list of 14 stores in Reno/Sparks where ammo might be found. Be prepared to jump in your vehicle and get over there ASAP, if they say that they have the ammo you need in stock. Seriously.
By the way, if you know of others we missed, let us know.

Big Five Sporting Goods (Reno) (775) 825-2322
Big Five Sporting Goods (Sparks) (775) 331-1211
Big Shot Indoor Range  (775) 853-6272
Bizarre Guns  (775) 685-4867
Cabelas  (775) 829-4100
Juggernaut Arms  (775) 358-8130
Maccabee Arms  (775) 384-2999
Mark Fore and Strike  (775) 322-9559     
RAC Guns and Ammo  (775) 240-8253
Reno Guns and Range  (775) 826-2626
Scheels  (775) 331-2700    
Sparks Black Rifle  (775) 432-6086
Sportsman's Warehouse  (775) 828-1500
Willey Bros.  (775) 853-2277     

And here are some online sources to check:

Alamo Ammunition
Ammo for
Ammo Man
Ammo Seek
Ammo to Go  – Texas
Ammunition Depot – Florida
Ammunition Store
Bulk – good deals on bulk ammo
Cheaper than Dirt

FireQuest – Specialty Ammo
Great Lakes Ammunition
Gun Bot Ammo Retailers Listing
Lucky Gunner

Natchez Shooters Supplies
Pat’s Reloading
Powder Valley, Inc.
SG Ammo from Stillwater, OK
Silver State
Sportsman's Guide

Target Sports USA
United Nations Ammo Company
Ventura Munitions
Wideners Reloading & Shooting Supply


- COVID Restrictions and the CCW Permit Process -

For those of you with Nevada CCW permits, it is more important now than ever to check the expiration of your CCW permit. As you may remember, you can apply for a renewal of your existing permit at your Sheriff’s Office as early as (but no sooner than) 120 days before the expiration date. You may also apply up to 120 days after the expiration date. A $15.00 late fee would apply in that case, but you would not be able to legally carry a concealed firearm until a new permit was re-issued.

That was then. Now, during the Chinese Flu (aka COVID) emergency restrictions, the CCW section of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is NOT accepting “walk-ins.” You must schedule an appointment through their website. As of this writing, the next available appointments for initial (new) or renewed permits are now in (gulp) October 2021. You read that right.

There is some good news: due to the emergency extensions you will be allowed to carry your concealed firearm for at least 120 days after your permit expires. An extension upon that is possible, but not 100% certain.

You may also take the CCW Renewal course up to one year in advance. The Certificate of Completion you will receive from your instructor at the conclusion of the class is valid for one year.

With all this in mind, put some thought into taking the class early, and getting into their system for your appointment.    

Here is text from the memo from the Washoe County Sheriffs Office:

Go to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Webpage:

2. Click on CCW Permit under the Search box.

3. Click on and complete the Concealed Carry Weapons Permits ONLINE APPLICATION

4. Once the application is submitted you will receive an email confirmation.

5. A link will be provided on the submission confirmation page and in the email confirmation, please click on this link to make your appointment.

Please bring a printed copy of your:

  • CCW Permit Application, Waiver and Authorization to Release Information form, and Civil Applicant Waiver you completed online.

  • Qualification Certificate (provided by your instructor)

If you have questions please call 775 328-3023

- Lastly, yes, we are running classes –

We are happy to report that we are running more classes than ever

  • CCW Initial Class (8 hours)

  • CCW Renewal Class (4 hours)

  • Firearms 101: Introduction to the handgun (3.5 hours)

  • Refresher Course: Shooting Skills Tune-up at the Range (90 minutes)

Please view the online calendar of class dates here: Class Calendar

“Off-calendar” days are available upon request. Just ask and we will strive to accommodate your schedule.

We run small classes (max six), so you will get plenty of attention when needed.

Call us at 775.842.6409 to schedule a class today or just to ask a question. You'll be speaking  directly to your friendly instructor.

At Semper Firearms Training we encourage you to buy a good firearm, get trained in how to use it, and continue your firearms training as part of a defensive lifestyle.

Please be sure to watch these two important videos and to send the links on to a friend:

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