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 Fourteen Hundred and Eighty One Guns
How California bans and prohibits guns, one at a time

I have stated repeatedly over the years that anti-Second Amendment gun prohibitionists seek to ban all civilian-owned guns, not just some of them. They cannot do that in one bold move. Oh, how they wish they could. 

Pay attention, for the loss of your gun rights is done through the proverbial “death by a thousand small cuts.” Or 20,000 small cuts, for that is how many guns laws now exist in the county, state, and federal books.

In the case of California, one of the most notoriously anti-gun states in the union, here is another devilishly (emphasis on devil) clever way to ban guns one at a time The method is called the “drop test,” created ostensibly for “public safety.” It is a joke, and not an amusing one.

Here is how it works: 

Every gun manufacturer who seeks to sell a handgun in California must submit three (3) samples of each handgun they wish to sell, along with $3500 per gun to the California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ).

Each sample will then be subjected to a drop test. If each sample passes, then the manufacturer can sell only the identical sample in the state.

Same gun, but in a different metal finish? The manufacturer must submit three samples, pay $3500 and a new drop test is required.

Same gun in a smaller or larger caliber? New drop test required.

Same gun, but with a longer or shorter barrel?  New drop test required.

Same gun with upgraded features, e.g. a different grip texture or a larger magazine release button? New drop test required.

For every variation in the gun type, the manufacturer must submit three additional samples and $3500. One can quickly see that this devious program has little to do with public safety and everything to do with eliminating handguns by attrition - by design. The number and selection of handguns available for purchase by California residents, in real terms, are slowly but surely shrinking. How does this program effect crime? It has zero effect. None. So why do it? If you ask a legislator this question, he or she will provide some pre-rehearsed nonsense about public safety that they learned in their leftist-controlled echo chamber. They will never speak the truth.

Because the tests are expensive, some gun makers have opted out of the ridiculous process and just sell their guns elsewhere. Glock, for one, refused to play along. They said they weren't going to sell guns or parts to CA. Screw 'em. That hurt because most CA cops carry Glock handguns. So the dimwitted politicians said, well, since there are so many Glocks already here, that's proof it's a safe gun. Glock submitted none for testing.

1,481 guns that are available just about anywhere else in America are what California now disallows in the Golden State, as a result of this devious program. We can bet that they are puffed with pride as they proclaim: We’re not out to ban all of your guns! Just this one and this one, and this one, ad nauseam. It’s for public safety!

Again, the drop test has absolutely nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with the eventual, slow march toward the elimination of private ownership of handguns. After which, long guns (shotguns and rifles) will follow.

Click here for the list of now-prohibited guns

Keep voting for the Lefties and they will eventually outlaw all of your guns. The Left has no "guard rails." They will keep at it unchecked until you will have an unrecognizable dystopian state. It will, predictably, become a de facto “Police State.”  Think about that when you vote for a Leftie next time.


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