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Frequently Asked Questions


"Do you offer the 8-hour Nevada CCW Initial course?"

We are moving to a new classroom and expect to resume the CCW 8 hour initial class by the end of September 2020. Until then, please contact our recommended instructor Jim Collins at 775.843.9870 for an excellent initial class.


"What do you charge for Nevada CCW Initial Class?"

The 8-hour class is $115 per person. Bring friends along, and each person in your group pays only $105.
Max 6 total in the class


"What do you charge for the NV CCW Renewal Class?"

  • 1 person.............. $65

  • 2 or more  ...........$60 each, with your group  max 6 total in the class

Note: These rates include the $5.00 per person range fee, targets, and materials


Can I sign up and pay for a class on line, through the website?

No, to sign up and pay for a class, call us at 775.842.6409. Believe it or not, this method is far more secure than transactions over the internet, which is full of criminal hackers. There are no passwords to steal in a phone call.  Plus, you get to speak with the instructor directly and ask all your questions.


"What's the difference between your Firearms 101 class and a CCW initial class?"

The F101 class is 3.5 hours and is designed for those who just want to learn how to safely handle and shoot a handgun or shotgun. No classroom, lecture, or written test - just practical, hands-on training at the range.  

The CCW class is at least 8 hours (as required by the state) and requires classroom time with a written test and range time with a shooting skills test. If you pass the course you will be issued a certificate that you may take to your county Sheriff in order to apply for your CCW permit. Laws, statutes, and discussions on the use of deadly force are covered in the CCW class, not in the F101 class, unless you ask a specific question. 

The F101 class involves far more shooting and training time than a regular CCW class. Plus, we show you how to take apart a gun and clean it afterwards.

So, take the F101 course first, if you like. While it is not a pre-requisite for a NV CCW class, it is a great first step. Plus, once you have some skills, you won't look like a total rookie at the range later in your CCW class.


"What happens if a class is cancelled? Do I get a refund?"

Classes are cancelled from time to time during the year, almost always due to bad weather.

If WE cancel a class, you will have a choice of:

  • A full refund  OR

  • Your payment can be applied to a future class

If you call to cancel your seat in a course - after your credit card has been charged - you will not receive a refund. You may, however, apply your payment toward a future class.

Important Note: Communication is essential!  When you sign up for a class, we will need good contact information from you, including your email and cell phone number. If we cancel a class, we will contact you ahead of time. If you are one of those people who do not read emails, or texts,  or listen to your voice mail, you will be in a bad situation when you show up to an empty classroom. Yes, it has happened.


"When is the best time, day, and method to reach you?"

We answer the phone from 9 am to 7 pm, seven days per week. Best time is after 3 pm when all range training has concluded and we are back in cell phone signal range. We use AT&T service and there no service at the range. None. Not one subatomic particle of signal. 

  • Best way is by phone 775.842.6409

  • Next best way is by text 775.842.6409

  • Next best way is by email

All calls, texts and emails are responded to, without exception. Please be patient, for we are at the range with students frequently, or traveling to and from the range.


"Help! My permit is past due! What do I do?"

Don't worry just yet. So long as your permit has not gone 120 days beyond the expiration date, you can still take the 4-hour renewal course and submit your paperwork to the Sheriff in order to re-activate it.

Note 1: You will be subject to a $15 late fee and cannot legally carry a concealed firearm until such time as your permit is renewed.

Note 2: We offer frequent CCW renewal classes, including weekdays and weekends, in order to accommodate your busy schedule. Call John at 775.842.6409 to sign up for a CCW renewal class within 120 days before its expiration!


"When do you hold classes?"

Please click on the "Calendar" tab at the top of any page to view our class schedule for the year.

Note: LEOSA, private CCW classes, and private F101 classes are held on demand and by appointment. Please call us directly at 775.842.6409 to set up a class that is not on the calendar.  We will work with you to accommodate your schedule.


"Where is the classroom?"

All training is done in Palomino Valley, 89510, also known as Warm Springs.  To respect the privacy of the property owners, we do not publish its location on this website for the world to see. You will be given the address and map, once you sign up for a class.  You can, however, see the general location based on the link. 


"Is your office at 9732 Pyramid Highway in Sparks?"

No, our mailing address is 9732 Pyramid Highway, #409, Sparks, NV 89441. This is the Pack N Post, which is a private mail facility, not our office. We are not there, so please do not drive to this address expecting to find us or an office. Call us at 775.842.6409, otherwise, you will be wasting your time and fuel.  Don't say we didn't warn you. 


"Where is the shooting range?"

We use a shooting range in Palomino Valley, 89510


"Remind me - what does the live fire qualification test consist of?"

It is a basic handgun proficiency test. For handguns with capacities of (6) rounds or greater you must fire 30 rounds at a B27, B21, or FBI Q target at three distances: 3, 5, and 7 yards.

For handguns with capacities of less than (6) rounds, you must fire 25 rounds at those distances.

A minimum score of 70% is required to pass.

You may use any handgun in any caliber for your qualification test. While allowed, we strongly discourage the use of single action/western cowboy action revolvers. It's not that they are useless for self defense; it's just that they are (for 99+% of owners) slow to load and reload. You will be slowing down the pace of the course for other shooters. If it is the only gun you have, please consider renting one of ours instead.

Course of fire for a 6 Shot or greater capacity handgun:

  • 3 yards, 6 rounds, no time limit

  • 5 yards, 12 rounds, no time limit

  • 7 yards, 12 rounds, no time limit

Course of fire for a 5 Shot or less capacity handgun:

  • 3 yards, 5 rounds, no time limit

  • 5 yards, 10 rounds, no time limit

  • 7 yards, 10 rounds, no time limit


"How long does it take for my CCW initial or renewal application to be approved?"

Per NRS 202.366  the Sheriff has up to 120 days to approve or deny your permit.  There are a number of factors that affect the time it takes to process your permit: the number of applicants, possible backlog at the FBI fingerprint center, data input/clerical backlogs, application inaccuracies,  and other factors.

The sooner you take the CCW course and apply (or re-apply) for the permit, the sooner you will receive it. For renewals, you may submit your application as early as 120 days before it expires, but no sooner.

To really get a head start, you may take the course one full year ahead of the expiration date of your permit, hold on to your course certificate, then submit it once the 120 day window opens.


"What does the Sheriff's Office charge for CCW permits?"

As of 1/1/2020, the fee in Washoe County (our location) for a new CCW permit is $100.25. For renewal permits, the fee is $65.25  Fees may differ in your county. Call your Sheriff's office to obtain this information.


"For a renewal, do I need to go through a background check all over again?"

Yes. Here is the application to get a head start.


"I really want a handgun for self defense, but my hands are too weak to operate a semi-auto pistol. What do you suggest?"

This problem is more common than you may think. Due to arthritis, age-related muscle atrophy, finger/hand/wrist injury or other medical conditions, many cannot operate the slide on a semi-automatic handgun.

You may want to consider the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ in .380 caliber. It is a medium-to-small-sized handgun with (as the name implies) an easy-to-operate slide. It also has a generous grip safety, which means that the gun cannot fire unless you have good grip on the gun which disengages the safety. We like this gun. You might, too.

An older style, but still quite viable is the Beretta 3032 Tomcat, chambered in .32 caliber. It utilizes a unique tip-up barrel, so you never have to tug or pull the slide in order to get a round into the chamber. Simply tip up the barrel, place one cartridge in it, snap it closed, then insert a full magazine into the gun. It is now ready to fire, once you disengage the safety.


"Why should I choose Semper Firearms Training over other schools?"

Short version:

  • CCW Initial and Renewal Courses on weekdays and weekends

  • Mature, Patient, Experienced Instructors

  • Clean Shooting Range

  • Clean comfortable, temperature-controlled classroom

  • Friendly, Stress-Free Teaching Style

  • One-on-one private classes

  • Rental Guns Available for only $20. That includes the ammo!

  • Private Group Classes on Demand (with advance notice and calendar compatibility)

  • Full Liability Insurance

  • 10% Military Discounts (just ask)

  • Group rates for private groups

  • Veteran Owned Business (US Marine Corps Infantry, 1975-1981)

  • Night Sight Installation (for most Glock handguns) while you wait

Long version: Click here




Semper Firearms Training
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