Exercise One Right and Lose Another?

Can you imagine anything as outrageous as legislation which would, in effect, result in your losing one fundamental right if you exercised another?  Imagine no longer, for such legislation has been proposed by New York State Senator Kevin Parker, a Democrat, unsurprisingly.

New York residents have endured some of the most draconian gun control laws in the country for more than a century. See the Sullivan Act. In that state, one must apply for a permit to own a handgun, before attempting to buy one.  The application process for handgun licenses would be expanded under this proposed bill now before the New York state Legislature. The bill would require handgun applicants to turn over log-in information so investigators could look at three years’ worth of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram postings. Google, Yahoo and Bing searches over the previous year also would be checked. What? No personal phone conversations?  I know, I know –  don’t give them any bright ideas.

As they delve into your social media postings will the investigators find “hate speech?” Hate speech as defined by the whims and biases of the investigator, of course. Did you say or write anything on social media that might be construed as having offending anyone at all? If so, no gun for you! It is not a matter of whether such power might be abused – it is matter of when and to what degree. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No exception in history to that.

Because New York is an irreversibly politically “blue” state, having a conservative viewpoint and voicing opinions that are not in keeping with hard Left’s group think would get you flagged there in a New York minute. Pun intended. Further, it would be difficult to find a State governor that is more openly hostile to gun owners than the current guy, Andrew Cuomo. Perhaps Gavin Newsom of California could give him run for his money.  As for Cuomo, you can bet the farm that he will sign and vigorously (read vindictively) enforce any and all new gun laws that land upon his desk.

If this bill become law, New Yorkers who exercise their 1st Amendment right to free speech will be prohibited from exercising their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It is looking bleak for the peaceful gun owners for the Empire State. Don’t think that this terrifying plot won’t spread to others states. Maybe yours?

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