The Billionaire Bully Strikes Again

Michael Bloomberg hates the fact that Americans own guns. He has made it his mission to disarm the country, state by state, and region by region. Sadly, he has achieved success not through state legislatures, but through ballot initiatives – by appealing to easily-duped voters. All the while surrounded by a platoon of armed bodyguards. No hypocrisy there, right?

Here is yet another example of Bloomberg’s vindictive assault on our cherished 2nd Amendment:

Bloomberg Supported Initiative 1639 Threatens Second Amendment

With great personal wealth ($40 billion per Forbes) comes great power. Political power. Sadly, Mr. Bloomberg has chosen to spend his time and money vandalizing the historic foundation of America with his relentless assaults on the Bill of Rights, instead of working to improve his country. If this were a new James Bond 007 movie, Bloomberg would be written into the script as the main villain, with Bond predictably dispatched to stop him.  Alas, this dark state of affairs unfolding before our eyes is not fiction – it is quite real. How do we stop the vandal?

Our founding fathers, wise as they were, did not foresee the day when an un-elected private citizen could wield such power and influence over the country. Our system of checks and balances were thoughtfully  designed and inserted as an integral part of our Constitution to prevent the inequitable accumulation of power by any one of the three branches of government. That brilliant system ought to prevent individuals, organizations, and corporations, from accumulating too much political power and wielding excessive influence, as well, should it not? Alas, it does not.

We have anti-trust laws in place that limit corporations’ power and influence on the marketplace. Is it time for some laws that address the excessive influence upon, and interference in, public policy by billionaire bullies like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros?  I believe that the idea should be explored very carefully, and very soon. Time is running short, and the Second Amendment may not be able to withstand such relentless attacks indefinitely. I pray that I have underestimated the strength and resiliency of our precious Bill of Rights, and that it will survive and outlive the vandals.

In creating such laws to curtail the Constitution’s vandals, however, we should be careful to protect the First Amendment right to free speech, especially speech of a political nature.  We need men and women with wisdom and love of their country to come forth with ideas. Until then, the vandalism must stop.

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Images courtesy of Oleg Volk