Are Gun Shows Incompatible With Community Safety?

Are gun shows incompatible with community safety? Apparently Donna Shalala, a leftist appointee from the dark days of the Clinton administration (aka Clintonista)  thinks so. Dubbed the “Queen of Political Correctness” back in the day, Shalala is running for office in South Florida and believes that attacking gun shows (and therefore lawful gun owners) will elevate her stature among the voters. She most certainly has not grown wiser with age, has she?

Are Gun Shows Incompatible with Public Safety?

Following the same logic, what else is incapability with public safety? Borrowing from one the commentators in the article:

  • Liquor stores are incompatible with community safety.
  • Pawn shops are incompatible with community safety.
  • Bingo parlors and lottery-ticket sellers are incompatible with community safety.
  • Low-income housing projects are incompatible with community safety.
  • Low-education voters are incompatible with community safety.
  • High concentrations of minority inner-city yutes are incompatible with community safety.

On my end,  I would add these:

  • Car dealerships are incompatible with community safety. How many more deaths on American roads must we tolerate before motor vehicles are banned?  (Shalala’s fellow Clintonista Al Gore has a rather strong opinion on this, but that will be a discussion for a later time)
  • Tool Rental Stores are incompatible with community safety.  Oh, my goodness, think of all those dangerous power tools in inexperienced hands! No background check required to rent a chainsaw!
  • Hardware & home improvement superstores are incompatible with community safety. Think tool rental stores are bad? You must return those rental tools. Think of all the items you can buy and permanently own from your local home improvement store.  Did you know that far more people are assaulted and killed with objects other than firearms than with guns? Yes, it is true.

Taking this absurd notion one step further:

  • Pro-open borders liberals: Care to dispute the hard fact that a substantial amount of violent crime in America is committed by illegal immigrants? Check out the demographics of California  prisons, for example.

If you still don’t believe that the Progressives seek to completely disarm Americans, you simply are not paying attention. Look further. Look deeper.

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Images courtesy of Oleg Volk