Is it legal for illegals to own guns in America? A case is heading to court, after which we may find out.

How curious it is that we live in a country where simultaneously we have a movement afoot to disarm its citizens while at the same time we have a attempt to enable ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to possess firearms.  Has the world gone mad?

While all people possess the basic instinct for self-preservation, and by extension the right to defend him or herself,  everything has limits.  There are numerous offenses, not just felonies, where upon conviction, a person is prohibited from buying or possessing a firearm. The Gun Control of 1968 specifically prohibits certain people including illegal immigrants from buying or possessing firearms. Why is this even an issue?  What is the message here?  That entering our country illegally is such a minor offense that we should should treat it like a simple traffic infraction?  That an illegal immigrant’s rights trumps a citizens rights?

If an American were caught in Mexico with a firearm, he’d be deposited so deeply in a Mexican prison that it would take significant political and diplomatic intervention to get him out.

Illegal immigrant charged with gun possession tries to claim second amendment rights in court

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Images Courtesy of Oleg Volk