Just when I thought I had heard the most outrageous anti-gun scheme from the land of fruits and nuts, along comes this – a proposal to add a $1.00 fee for every gun part sold in the Golden State. Every nut, bolt, spring, pin, washer to used to make or even repair a firearm would have to shipped to an FFL dealer and a $1.00 fee would be attached to each part. A background check would be required for each part.  Even a 35 cent  spring would be be subject to this ridiculous scheme.

And to top off the lunacy, the bill’s sponsor, Assembly member Mike Gipson, Democrat (naturally), had the unmitigated gall to proclaim that  “…this bill will help improve public safety by protecting the rights of responsible gun owners while preventing criminals and those who should not otherwise possess a firearm from gaining access.” He said that with a straight face.

A blatant infringement on the right to keep and bear arms will protect the rights of responsible gun owners? Really?  How do you top such unabashed  sophistry?  The anti-gunners are shameless.

But, wait, there’s more. A registry which will cost an estimated $6 million of taxpayers dollars to implement, will record every purchaser’s private information. Why? Simple – to keep track of who might own guns so when (not if)  they come to take them, they will know which homes to visit. After all, why would you be purchasing a part for a gun if you don’t own a gun?

If you do not see by now that their goal is complete and total civilian disarmament-  step by incremental step – then, clearly, you are not paying attention.


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