Wouldn’t it be wise to familiarize yourself with a subject before opening your mouth about it? If you do not, you may end up looking like an idiot.

There is no shortage of anti-gun zealots who busy themselves writing legislation that is hostile to peaceful gun owners, all of it under the misleading guise of safety. Vilifying, then working to ban inanimate objects has never, and will never, have an effect on criminals or crime.  Too bad they do not spend an equal amount of time working on ways to curtail crime by actually going after the bad guys.

Here is one of countless examples of the profound ignorance displayed by anti-gun politicians in their counter-productive and futile quest to disarm Americans:

Knowing What To Ban Has Never Been A Requirement For Gun Grabbers

Here at home,  Steve Sisolak, an anti-gun Democrat (no surprise there) is running for Governor in Nevada. He recently ran a slew of TV ads in which he declared that, if elected, he would ban the following items:

1. Assault Rifles (not used in mass shootings)

2. Silencers (not used in mass shootings)

3. Bump Stocks (a legal, novelty item used by the Mandalay Bay killer). Unheard of by most people, and not used in mass shootings before that day.

What profound ignorance we have on display again.  First, “assault rifles” (which by definition are fully automatic, select fire rifles – NOT semi-auto rifles) have been strictly regulated and controlled by the federal government since 1934, when the National Firearms Act was signed into law. Clearly, Sisolak has not taken the time to read up on and learn about the biggest gun control law of the 20th Century. Is he lazy? Does he lack the motivation to do even a modicum of research before opening his mouth on the subject? If so, is this the sort of man we should elect as governor?  I think not.

Further, relatively few people outside the firearms industry are aware that legal, transferable, fully automatic firearms (aka Class III firearms) are extremely expensive. Want to buy one? Expect to be shocked with their price tags.  Check out some here.  Why are they so expensive? Because another big gun control law was signed into law into 1986. The infamous Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 forbid the sale to civilians of all fully automatic firearm manufactured or imported after May 1986. Only police agencies or the Armed Services could purchase them through their legal channels after this bill was adopted. Does Mr. Sisolak know that?

As an aside, will Mr. Sisolak’s wish list of banned guns prohibit military (e.g. Nevada National Guard) and all law enforcement agencies from purchasing such firearms?  He does not specify. Are you starting to see just how potentially dangerous his reckless ideas are?

The nearly-immediate effect of this 1986 law was that now, the supply of legally transferable (able to be bought and sold among the general public under NFA rules) firearms was strictly limited to those firearms imported or manufactured before the May 1986 cutoff date. This pool of extant firearms could never increase. In fact, that fixed number has shrunk over time, due to attrition.  The classic economic law of supply and demand is at work here and explains why when the supply shrinks, these firearms keep rising in value. Some buy them simply as investments, for they are predictably appreciating assets!

Are these expensive investments used by their owners in crimes in any significant number? No, not unless they are stolen and used later by criminals. Even then, the numbers are so small as to be statistically insignificant.  That being true, why does Mr Sisolak want to ban them?

A federal background check is required to buy a legally transferable Class III firearm, and it is extensive. Criminals simply cannot legally acquire them. Which is why you rarely see them used in crimes.  So who can acquire them? Good guys. Peaceful law abiding Americans, that’s who. The sort of people we need not worry about. People who do not engage in criminal activity. So if these Class III firearms legally reside in the hands of the good guys – decent people with clean backgrounds –  tell us Mr. Sisolak, why do you wish to ban them? And spare us the dead-end question as to “why would you need such a weapon?”  I have another article that addresses that childish nonsense.

Secondly, “silencers” correctly called “suppressors” are also subject to the provisions of the NFA 1934. Mr. Sisolak says in his TV ads that he want to ban these, as well. Why?  Do they “silence” a firearm? No, they, instead,  reduce the decibel level from a gunshot. Suppressors are simple metal tubes built with internal baffles that delay the gas behind the bullet in order to reduce the sound of a gunshot to levels that are less harmful to human ears. A sound suppressor is little more a than a screw-on muffler. It is, in fact, a safety device that can be employed to protect one’s valuable sense of hearing.

Ah, but thanks to Hollywood which has for decades portrayed the suppressors as an “assassin’s tool,” these simple tubes are vilified and wrongly viewed by the ignorant as a device that somehow makes a firearm more deadly. Profound ignorance on display again.

Are suppressors viewed the same way in other civilized countries? No, just the opposite. There are no laws in Israel, for example, that control or ban them. Another example: in Denmark, if you were to visit a rifle range and fired off a shot at a target without a suppressor, you would be asked to leave. Doing so would be considered rude and uncivilized! Likewise, driving a vehicle without a muffler through a neighborhood  would result in an similar backlash.

Are suppressors used in crimes in any significant number ? No, they are not.  Then why did Congress include them in the NFA 1934?  They were added into the bill at the last minute for this reason:  Prohibition (1920 – 1933) and the Great Depression coincided. It was an era of terrible violence between rival gangs, and it was also an era when people were desperate and starving. They were doing most anything to eat and survive, including poaching game.  People used suppressors (available since 1909) so they could lessen the chance of being heard and caught by the game warden. Suppressors were added to the NFA 1934 because of poaching, not because they were used in violent crimes. Not because they made weapons of the era more deadly. Not because they “silenced” a gun shot used by a sinister assassin, nor for any other myth unjustly perpetuated by Hollywood.

What a shame that Mr. Sisolak has never bothered to read this important and interesting bit of 20th Century history about suppressors. Like so many pre-programmed automatons incapable of critical thinking, he has no apparent interest in learning the truth about the items he seeks to ban.  That makes for a very poor candidate.

Now, is it possible that he is actually aware of all the details of Class III firearms and is purposely  putting out gun control talking points to the ignorant masses in order to garner enough votes to win the Nevada gubernatorial election?  Anything is possible.  Either he is “crazy like a fox” and acting out of deliberate, vindictive malice towards law-abiding gun owners , or he he acting out of pure, reckless ignorance, mindlessly regurgitating gun control rhetoric from other gun grabbers in his party. In either case, he is untrustworthy and unfit for public office.

One last thought: how will he ban these items? Declare martial law, order the National Guard to kick down doors and confiscate legally owned property from his fellow Nevadans?  Maybe he should be asked this question. He did, after all, repeatedly say that “I” will ban these items.   Maybe he should take a day off the campaign trail to read what happened at Lexington Green on April 19, 1775, when the Brits attempted to confiscate the colonist’s firearms.  He will not, for clearly, he has little interest in 2oth Century American history. It would be reasonable then to believe that he’d have even less interest in 18th Century history.

One thing for sure, he won’t like the aftermath of what he starts, if he goes down that road. He, and anyone who agrees with his gun grabbing ideas should watch this eye opening video.

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Images courtesy of Oleg Volk