I know in my heart that polls that show that “most” Americans favor gun control are false and misleading. This article exposes some of the ways the pollsters fabricate poll results. They are called wedge issue “push-polls” and they have a pre-determined outcome.

Example: A question [paraphrasing] in a 2016 Michael Bloomberg-funded poll in 2016 asked this:

If you had to choose, would you prefer:

a) Gun Registration

b) Universal Background Checks

In order to complete the poll, this this question had to be answered. Most chose option B, as it was the lesser of two evils. The sleazy poll takers never offered a third option, such as “no new gun control.”  After the data was tabulated, they went on to announce with great fanfare “Behold! The results are in! Most Americans are in favor of Universal Background Checks.  Pretty sleazy, eh? I never believed that poll from the first time I heard about it.

I do believe that if Americans were polled about crime, not the inanimate metal objects (guns), most would overwhelmingly favor  criminal control. Thing is, Progressive/Leftist anti-gunners do not care about crime, they just want control of the masses. Until the guns are taken away from the populace, they cannot exercise iron-fisted, total control over us.

I could make up my own poll on a different subject, say income tax. Within it, I could install the following question:

Would you rather:

a) pay a 99% percent income tax

b) pay a 100% income tax

Most people, I would wager, would choose option A, leaving at least one percent of their income intact. But a sleazy pollster could take the results of this push poll and proclaim that most American are in favor of a 99% income tax!  See how that tricky tactic works?

Read more on the devious disingenuous tactics used by anti-gun poll takers:

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Images courtesy of Oleg Volk