What an interesting article. I had forgotten that the number of people who actually “risked it all” for our independence was so small.  And yet the Colonists won. With God’s help, I believe.


As I watch with dismay and sadness the decline and decay of our American society, I believe that there are people who will fight to preserve the America as we know and love it.

The Progressive Left is pushing hard for complete citizen disarmament through incremental steps. Once they disarm us, what do you suppose they have in mind for us? Iron-fisted control over every aspect of our lives. That is the dirty, secret purpose for gun control. It’s not about the guns. The gun grabbers are technically ignorant about the guns and accessories they seek to ban.  It’s not about the crime, for we can show with a tsunami of evidence that good people with guns stop criminals many times every year.  It’s all about control. If you do not see that, sorry but you are simply not paying attention.

Are you a “three percenter?” Our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor when they revolted against tyrannical King George III of England. Will you make that same pledge against those who seek to bring this country to ruin? While I believe in my heart we have strong Americans who would make that pledge, I pray that we have enough numbers.

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Image courtesy of Oleg Volk