I actually got a chuckle reading this article. You might, too


There are a few other items I would add to this:

1. Wasp Spray:  “Oh, Ethyl, don’t get a gun. Just get a big can of wasp spray. If bad guy comes into your house, just zap him in the eyes with wasp spray. It can shoot 20 feet with pinpoint accuracy and blind the guy.”

Problems with this idea: it is a violation of federal law to use wasp spray in a way inconsistent with its labeling. Its also a neurotoxin so you risk nerve damage by having a large amount on you, particularly in the eyes and lungs. You might be the victim, but if you cause serious damage to someone with something labeled with that kind of warning, you’ve walked yourself into a legal minefield. Secondly, it will irritate, but not incapacitate a determined attacker.  Get some good pepper spray, instead.

2. Throwing stars Hey, Ninja-boy! Don’t leave the house without sharpened metal things you could use to throw at your attacker. While I would not wish to be struck by one of these, I would not consider these novelty items particularly useful for self defense. Remember, your attacker will not likely be standing still. Even if you do hit him, then what? It will have little to no effect on a determined aggressor.

3. Monkey Fist Keychain I can just see this thing getting hopelessly tangled up with 25 other objects that are typically  found in woman’s purse. And for a guy? Where would you conceal this? Again, I would not want to be hit with this, but I just can’t look upon this novelty as a serious self defense tool.

4. The engagement ring knuckle duster  Seriously?

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Image courtesy of Oleg Volk