Does gun registration always lead to gun confiscation? Not right away, but eventually, yes it does.   Registration is the first step toward that end goal of disarmament.  Registration must be implemented first, in order to compile a database of gun owners. Without such a list, the “confiscators” – the people with guns who are hired to take guns from other people – would have no idea which doors to knock on or which to kick in. While registration of firearms is required in some jurisdictions, perhaps one of the most egregious examples occurred in Washington D.C.

In 1965, the District of Columbia decided that all privately owned handguns must be registered with Metro PD in the the District. Within one decade, registration morphed into – you guessed it – prohibition. Private ownership of handguns was now forbidden and an amnesty period was granted where DC residents could turn in or dispose of their handguns without penalty. Those found in violation of this local ordinance faced imprisonment and/or stiff fines.

Thirty-three years later, in 2008, the US Supreme Court struck down this draconian, unconstitutional prohibition of handguns in the D.C. v. Heller case.  The Second Amendment Foundation  was instrumental in this important case. It took an incredible amount of time, manpower, and money to overturn the prohibition.  And yet….

And yet, registration is still required in 2018, not only for handguns, but for ALL firearms in D.C. All firearms must be registered and this process also acts as a permit to purchase. There are also restrictions on magazine sizes with any magazine having a capacity of more than 10 rounds being illegal.

Furthermore, individuals cannot possess ammunition without a valid registration of a firearm. All these nonsensical gun laws exist and yet D.C. ranks among the top most violent crime-ridden cities in the United States.  How can that be? Because:
a) Criminals do not obey laws, nor do they register their illegally owned firearms
b) Criminals will always use any and all weapons at their disposal, whether legal or not
c) Gun laws affect only law-abiding people, i.e., those who are NOT engaged in criminal activity.

Gun registration schemes simply do not help in solving crime. They do not accomplish much of anything anything except to allow a politician facing public outrage for violent crime to say “Look at me. I care. We have taken steps to thwart crime.” Such a blatant deception. They know it.  I know it. You should know it.

Never allow yourself to be deceived into thinking that gun registration will stop crime.

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