There is a lot of bad advice given to women in gun stores. Here are three classics:

I will add another:

“Just buy and use what the cops use.”  The problem with this advice is that most agencies don’t allow their officers to pick just any handgun the want to carry on duty. Agencies are different –  some allow their officers to only carry on duty a handgun from a defined list. Other agencies want all their officers – male and female – to carry the same gun as issued from the armory, for accountability and uniformity purposes.

What LEOs carry should not necessarily be what you decide to buy use and or/carry. Firearms are very personal items and there must be an acceptable level of compatibility between you and your gun.

At Semper Firearms Training we encourage you to buy a good firearm, get trained in how to use it, get a Nevada CCW permit, and continue your firearms training as part of a defensive lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Oleg Volk