Internet’s Worst Gun Advice


As a full-time firearm instructor,  I keep my ears open to new knowledge, training techniques, and nearly anything related to firearms. On my list of  long term “to do” projects is a task to sit down and create a list of  dumb gun advice I have heard over time. Author Tom McHale beat me to it! Here is his list.

I would add these additional bits of dumb advice to the author’s list:

1. “Always carry a pistol whose caliber starts with at least “4”.  Such as . 40 caliber or .45 acp. Really? Why? Because anything less than “4” is ineffective? Take a quick look at the Buckeye Firearms Association’s Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power and you’ll see that larger calibers are not exponentially better than smaller calibers in stopping attackers in self defense shootings.

2. “Practice Makes Perfect”  Nope.  By perpetuating bad habits with no coaching or correction, you may be hardwiring to your brain those bad habits, making it much harder to correct in the future.  “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect” is more like it. Even that idea is flawed, for “perfection” with imperfect human bodies  is not achievable. Excellence should be your goal. Yes plenty of good practice is a good thing, for marksmanship and shooting is a perishable (use it or lose it) skill.

3. “Don’t use a gun for self defense against a mugger – he only wants your money and you’ll only make things worse.”  Oh, boy.  The mugger only wants your money? How do you know that? You have NO idea what the criminal has in mind for you. Some actually take pleasure in causing pain and suffering. It is a power trip for them. Don’t assume anything.

At Semper Firearms Training we encourage you to buy a good firearm, get trained in how to use it, get a Nevada CCW permit, and continue your firearms training as part of a defensive lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Oleg Volk