Yes, they really do want to disarm us. All guns banned. Everyone of them. Despite the practical impossibility of disarming every American, the anti-gunners persist in this futile, costly, and ultimately impossible quest.

Here’s what you must understand when arguing for a ban on a product:  You cannot “un-invent” something. You cannot “un-invent” firearms any more than you can un-invent the wheel. The knowledge of how to make guns is not just found in books and videos – it is in the collective minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world.  In addition to the knowledge and skill, the desire and necessity to fashion weapons is inextricably woven into the fabric our our history – it is in our very DNA.  Consider this: functioning firearms, though crude and ugly, are fabricated clandestinely in prisons, under the most intense scrutiny. In violation of every rule and law, they are still made. Imagine that. Why?  Because humans are not equipped with fangs and claws to defend ourselves. We make tools for that purpose!

Check out this video showing toothless, barefooted Pakistani villagers who manufacture functional rifles and handguns on dirt floors – by hand!

If these poor, toothless, Pakistanis can make guns with crude tools, working on dirt floors – and they do every day – don’t you think that Americans with access to exponentially better tools and workshops could make guns, too?  Even if you could [magically] take every gun away from every American, within 24 hours we would be busy making new guns, in our workshops, basements, garages, and in any place that exists with room for a workbench and tools. You can count on it.

In America, you can legally own every tool and machine that could be used to manufacture a firearm. Ordered via Amazon with next day delivery.  Or through a myriad of other such companies who have been around for decades longer than Mr Bezos’ entity. Here is one.

How do you propose to stop it all? Arrest all 320 million Americans and interrogate every one in order to ascertain who among them knows enough about guns to make one?  Raid every garage and workshop and confiscate or destroy every drill press, milling machine,  lathe, and welder? The entire economy would grind to a halt if you were successful in that quest. And still, there would be guns.

Why do the anti-gunners persist in their futile quest? Surely they are not rational. Which means that are irrational. How do you negotiate or debate with irrational people?  You don’t. You defeat them, remove them from power, and take measures to ensure that they never cause disruption, chaos, and turmoil among peaceful gun owners ever again.



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Images courtesy of Oleg Volk