Have you noticed that the usual suspects who continuously push for more gun control always deny the charge that they want to completely disarm the country? The width and depth of their deviousness and dishonesty is breathtaking to behold.

When they take a brief break from attacking legal guns and peaceful gun owners, they turn their attention to tangential matters, such as ammunition. California, for example, enacted laws in 2018 that heavily restrict the sale of ammunition.  How are these laws remotely Constitutional? Frankly, they don’t give a damn. Oh, the 2nd Amendment only applies to ARMS, you say?  No mention of ammunition restrictions in the 2nd Amendment, you argue?  That’s like saying to printed media publishers that you are free to exercise your 1st Amendment right to print your newspapers and magazines but we (the government) are going to restrict and control your access to ink.

Below is a summary of the new ammunition laws.  We can rest easier now, knowing that CA residents, especially the street gangs, will be in full compliance with these new laws, and, therefore, we can expect a dramatic reduction in crime any day now.  Sarcasm aside, it won’t do a thing to affect crime. We know that, and the lawmakers know that. Because it will have no effect, they will use that fact to justify the creation of even more draconian, vindictive anti-gun measures. Surely ANOTHER law will do the trick. This diabolical tactic is predictable and threadbare, yet the gun grabbers continue to use it, while their willing dupes in in the media cheer them on. How sick, how stupid, how pathetic.

Worse, how damaging to our country, for other States, who look to California for the latest trends and fads, will follow suit.  Unless the CA State Supreme Court strikes these insane laws down as unconstitutional, we all could be in trouble, even if we don’t live in the Golden State.  This bears watching.


New California Ammunition Laws for 2018 and 2019:

For 2018, many of the new laws going into effect are centered on ammunition. As of January 1, 2018, vendors will need to have the approval of the California Department of Justice to sell ammunition.

Any importation, or even transfers, of ammunition will also have to go through a DOJ-approved vendor. Residents who order ammunition online will have to have that ammo shipped to an approved vendor for pickup. Purchasing ammo out of state and transporting it across state lines carries a misdemeanor or charge.* And if a resident wants to transfer some of his or her ammunition to another individual, that will also require the services of a DOJ-approved vendor in much the same way that a firearm requires an FFL for transfer of ownership.

If that weren’t enough, in 2019 ALL ammunition purchases in California will also require a background check.

– Gun Digest, November 2017


* I attend at least six gun shows per year here in Reno, NV. It is interesting to note the ever-increasing number of vehicles with California license plates in the Convention Center’s parking lot. I’ll leave it to your imagination to conjure up what the patrons are taking home from the show.

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Image courtesy of Oleg Volk