A defenseless populace is easy prey for predators.” Care to dispute that?  And by defenseless, I infer unarmed.

If I substituted the word “unarmed” for the word “defenseless” (synonyms, in my opinion) would you still agree with my statement? No? Then here is another unequivocal statement (with credit to Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch) to think about: “An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity.” Would you care to dispute that?

I will take it one step further, well out of your comfort zone, and perhaps beyond your cognitive ability to dispute logically, devoid of hysterical emotion: “An armed killer will kill unarmed school kids with monotonous regularity.” How about now?  Care to dispute that? Not getting the picture?  Still can’t break through your ideological bubble to see the truth? Is the cognitive dissonance getting so painful now that you need to take a break from this and have some wine or some pain killers?

Go ahead, get some mental pain relief and come back.  I promise that it will be worth your time to read on.  What follows is real common sense. Wisdom. Smarts. These are rare commodities in these times, where emotion and hysteria substitute for critical thinking.

Gun confiscation advocates keep pushing for “common sense gun control” as if the 22,000 laws (yes, that many)  already on the books do not have quite enough requisite common sense embodied within them to prevent further school shootings. So, here are some thoughts, concepts, and ideas that will (I pray)  encourage you to actually think critically. If you are chronic gun-grabber (always blaming the inanimate object instead of the shooter), you will most likely never hear these ideas from within your anti-gun echo chamber:


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