What is this you see here? An old fashioned NYC-style ticker tape parade for a hero?  No. Not visible in the parade are two virulently anti-gun / anti-Second Amendment celebrities. One is liberal journalist Geraldo Rivera (a.k.a. Jerry Rivers) and the other is uber-leftist California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. Both have stated (paraphrasing) that cases where average citizens use guns in America for self defense is a myth. Yes, they said that. They both live in such an artificial world, so far removed from reality, that they probably believe it.

So here is what I would like to see – a parade just for them, and for those who think as they do.

What is raining down from above?  Not “ticker tape,” but millions of slips of paper, each one containing a unique story of a man and/or a woman who used a gun to defend him or herself.

From where do the millions of stories come? From many sources, including the Armed Citizen page of the American Rifleman magazine, a monthly publication of the NRA, printed every month since the 1930’s. Once available only in print form, these stories are now available on the web. Read a few for yourself to get an idea of what really goes on in America.  The left-leaning alphabet news agencies (ABC/CBS/CNN/NBC) will never share these stories with you, for that would show that guns are used for positive purposes – stopping the bad guys and defending the good guys.

These Armed Citizen accounts of self-defense by ordinary Americans are collected and compiled from newspapers around the country. Lest you think they are fictional stories created by the NRA in order to promote their pro-gun agenda, they are not. They are real stories, and in each case, without exception, there are three elements – a good guy (or woman), a bad guy, and a gun. In each case, the good guys prevail, oftentimes without firing a single shot.

I would relish seeing these paper counterpoints to Rivera and Newsome’s hostile and bogus statements rain down upon them in such volume that it would nearly drown them.

Here’s a question: would either of these enemies of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms take the time, or have the interest to read even one story? How many real-life stories would it take to convince them that they are wrong?  A thousand? Ten thousand? Ten million? Alas, none are as blind as those who refuse to see. They have insulated themselves in a hardened, impenetrable, ideological shell to such a degree that the truth will never be allowed to penetrate. How sad. How feeble. How pathetic.

Know anyone like this? I do, and I do not number them among people I respect.

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Picture Source: Luke Redmond/Flickr