If I were as ignorant of guns and training techniques as I were about nuclear physics (and I am indeed woefully ignorant on the latter subject) then I might find videos such as this one to be humorous. As fate would have it, I am well versed in the former subject matter, and find this video to be appalling.

Lest you think that I take such things (or myself) too seriously, then clearly you have not met me. Those who have taken any of my classes know that I have a broad sense of humor.

So why do I cringe at this video and find it objectionable?  There are several reasons:

1. First and foremost, safety, or lack thereof. As in inviolable rule, we do not run any sort of firearms training exercise if it cannot be done safely.  On this subject, I have no sense of humor. Nor do I tolerate  doltish horseplay. This video should be entitled “How NOT to Train a Person to Shoot a Gun”

2. Note the video sub heading  “….For entertainment purposes only.”  Entertainment ? Really?  Here we have a compilation of idiot husbands or boyfriends taking untrained wives or girlfriends out for some “fun” shooting.  I’d wager the men lure the women into the activity with the promise that it will be “fun” or “cool,” or with some other gentle coaxing.

The hapless, untrained woman is invariably given a firearm with ferocious recoil and maybe a one-sentence orientation on how to operate the firearm. Then the dumb man sits back, starts the video camera and waits for the inevitable outcome.  He (but not she) already knows what is going to happen.  She pulls the trigger, the gun discharges, recoils, and strikes the unsuspecting shooter. All the while the man is laughing.  Oh, what grand amusement! Dumb, dumber, dumbest.

3. “Little things amuse little minds” as the expression goes. Other than foolish, juvenile amusement, what is the purpose of this dangerous exercise? Is this is a smart way to introduce your lady to something new? By hurting or terrifying her?  Congratulations morons, you have effectively spooked the woman and quite possibly made her fear firearms!  Look up the word “counterproductive” in the dictionary. Don’t you want her to learn how to safely and proficiently operate a firearm to defend herself, the home or ranch, the children, the pets or livestock,  and yes, even you, if the need were to arise? What if you were not physically able to defend yourself?  Teach them how to use your tools the right way, for a partner with such useful skills makes for a powerful team mate. If you are honest enough to admit that  you are not qualified to train your mate, then send her to someone who is.

Videos like these make it easier to understand why many (but not all, of course) women seek training from women instructors, and purposely avoid male instructors.  Why?  Because the hyper-macho attitude, overbearing swagger, and patronizing attitude toward the opposite sex that stinks up the range and the classroom is a major turnoff, that’s why.

As a professional firearms instructor, I hear variations of this all the time. Back in the day, when I was fresh out of the Marine Corps, my new wife would often accuse me of walking around in a testosterone fog.  She was right. That was 35+ years ago.  Age and wisdom have tempered me.  Even then, I would never have humiliated her in the way these women were in the video.

Wise up, men! Treat your wives and girlfriends with the respect they deserve, and never subject them to such humiliating, dangerous practices. We need MORE, not fewer armed and trained women out there. We also need more supporters of the Second Amendment and gun rights. I don’t want to hear about another “Million Mom March,” where the streets filled with vociferous, dim-witted, anti-gun ideologues. I would rather see a country filled with women like Paxton Quigley.

At Semper Firearms Training we encourage you to buy a good firearm, get trained in how to use it, get a Nevada CCW permit, and continue your firearms training as part of a defensive lifestyle.