I cannot adequately express in words how much this story rattles me.  A reckless hunter with a handgun – a weapon designed for relatively close defensive purposes – takes a shot at an object which turns out to be not a deer, but a human being. As a result of his carelessness, a woman died. While we do not know at this point exactly what firearm the shooter used, that technical point is irrelevant to the discussion! It does not matter what he used!

This was not an accident. it was an act of negligence. The “hunter’ ( and I use the term loosely) violated one of the  basic firearm safety rules, which is is to know your target and what is beyond it. I recall another incident a few years back where a “hunter” took a shot at a what he thought was a gray tree squirrel in a wooded area. It was ot a squirrel, but  a jogger from a nearby military base who was wearing a heather gray t-shirt. Basically, he shot at a “gray moving object.” Idiot.

This is not the first time this sort of hunting “accident” has happened, nor will it be the last. While such an obvious observation doesn’t negate the tragedy, it is stunning to see it happen again. And again. Despite all the gun safety that has been beaten into their heads, people with guns still do stupid things. And their stupidity provides juicy fodder for the anti-gun crowd who point to such incidents and say “See? We told you so!  Guns are dangerous and should be banned!” Or other equally inane comments.

Do not judge all hunters by the careless actions of one hunter.  Likewise, do not judge all gun owners by the careless actions of one fool.

Man Fires 200-Yard Pistol Shot at What He Thought Was a Deer… But It Was a Woman

Additional thought: Whatever sentence he is given for his actions, they should add a few more years years for possession of a creepy goat beard.

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Image courtesy of Oleg Volk