There is no shortage of advice out there which suggests that you should stock up on ammo now, while you can, and while it is available and affordable.  I happen to agree with this advice, but what type of ammo should you be stockpiling?

This advice is not for everyone. The avid .45 acp pistol owner, for example, who shuns anything smaller in caliber should tend to his own flock of guns and buy what suits him. Still the idea is to have  some amount of the popular calibers on hand – you may be able to trade a box of it later for something you need.

Here are a few suggestions that I heartily agree with.

Best SHTF Ammo to Buy

At Semper Firearms Training we encourage you to buy a good firearm, get trained in how to use it, get a Nevada CCW permit, and continue your firearms training as part of a defensive lifestyle.

By the way and pardon the language, but in case you were not aware of it, SHTF is an acronym for that future event when the “shit hits the fan.”