In the halls where the founders gathered to draft the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, there was no debate about “gun control.” Don’t believe me? See if you can find any extant document where anyone wrote about restricting citizens’ right to keep arms. Hint: Don’t waste your time, for there was no such debate.

Why, 228 years later, are we engaged in this pointless debate? There were criminals and tyrants then, as there are now. We need arms today for the very same reason they did centuries ago. Human nature never changes. We have the  same virtues and vices; we have gained no new virtues, nor have we lost any of our old vices. Technology has advanced, but humanity, with all its flaws, is unchanged.

We all have a basic human right to defend ourselves, do we not? So why is there even a debate about it or the tools we choose for that purpose?


Are Gun Laws Really Common Sense..or More of the Same Stupid Stuff?

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