There is a very good reason why our founding fathers did not want a pure democracy.  Instead, they crafted a Republic.  In a pure democracy, a simple majority of voters can create catastrophic results for the rest of the society. Ben Franklin said that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”

“Direct to the people” ballots, which bypass the legislative process altogether, are particularly dangerous. If a wealthy backer of a particularly egregious proposal, say gun control, throws enough money into false, misleading media ads, he can convince enough voters to see it his way and vote for the ballot question.  This is EXACTLY what happened in November 2016, after Michael Bloomberg (net worth of $40 billion per Forbes) spent $20 million in Nevada to force his hostile anti-gun agenda down the throats of Nevada residents.  With no legislative debate, no public deliberation, and no Governor’s approval, this question was passed by a simple majority. By a one percent (1%) margin to be exact.

I am adamantly opposed to ballot questions and would like to see them scrapped altogether. What do you think?

Ballot Initiatives & Subverting Preemption, All to Ban Your Gun

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