The anti-gun brainwashing that goes on behind locked doors on school campuses is terrifying.  A recent conversation between my dentist and his student, a local high school senior,  went something like this:

Dentist: “So how are things going in school?”

Student/Patient:  “Good. We’re studying the U.S. Constitution.”

Dentist: (Well-versed in the Constitution himself): “That’s great! What part of it? ”

Student/Patient: “The 2nd Amendment.”

Dentist: (Very interested and knowledgeable about the 2nd Amendment):  “Great! What are you learning?”

Student/Patient: “We learned that the 2nd Amendment applies only to the militia, which means that only police and the military can own guns.”

Dentist: (nearly falls out of his chair in shock)


The fact that this young man had gone through nearly 12 years of public school and demonstrated THIS lack of  understanding of the 2nd Amendment is disgraceful, appalling, and a bit terrifying. Terrifying because these youngsters will one day be our future legislators and will be making laws based on such profound ignorance.

How can we “set them right” and make them see and learn the truth before it’s too late?

Check out these outrageous stories of anti-gun brainwashing n our schools:

Public Schools Resort to Child Abuse to Further Anti-Gun Agenda

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