As a gun enthusiast and firearm instructor, I have had the opportunity to fire a LOT of  different firearms over my lifetime. Perhaps more than than most. I actually relish the opportunity to experience something new when presented to me, but I would be untruthful if said that I enjoy firing very hard-kicking handguns or long guns.  I am not a small man, so I have no fear of being knocked around by the recoil. It’s just that I do not enjoy it.  A while back at a neighborhood shooting event/get-together, a neighbor handed me a loaded, double barrelled, double hammer, 12 gauge coach shotgun (old style), and invited me to put it to my shoulder and fire both barrels at once. I declined.  I have plenty of shotgun experience, and knew that this would be an unpleasant and undesirable experience, so I declined.  His perpetually inflated hyper-macho mentality could not grasp why I would not to to do this and experience the bruising pain.

Sadly, there is no shortage of hyper-macho blowhards in the world.  Thus we have no shortage of videos on the web, recording people doing dumb things.  Herein lies another example with a very powerful handgun, the S&W Model 500.  I  have fired the SW500 in various barrel lengths, and I can report that it is an awesome handgun in terms of power and accuracy.  What I would not do, unless some inexplicable compelling circumstance required it, would be to shoot it with one hand. Why would anyone do this? You tell me.

In this video, you can see that the recoil is so strong that while trying to control it, the shooter unintentionally, but negligently (not accidentally)  discharges it again. Dumbass……..


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