Interesting questions and facts about tactical batons

Q: What is a “tactical baton?
A: An expandable baton also referred to variously as a collapsible baton, telescopic [or telescoping] baton, or tactical baton, is typically composed of a cylindrical outer shaft containing telescoping inner shafts (typically 2 or 3, depending on the design) that lock into each other when expanded. The shafts are usually made of steel, but lightweight baton models may have their shafts made from other materials such as aluminum alloy.

Q: Are they legal to possess in Nevada?
A: We can find no statute that prohibits the purchase, ownership, possession, or carrying of a baton in the State of Nevada.

Q: Why/ how are they are they used?
A: A baton’s primary purpose is as a less-than-lethal defensive weapon, as an alternative to a firearm. Police can employ a baton to subdue a suspect in order to make an arrest. For civilian purposes, we would carry a baton strictly for self-defense, in order to keep an attacker away. They are extremely effective for this purpose.

Q: Do I really need training to carry and use a tactical baton? After all, it’s just a metal stick.
A: Police and security agencies personnel who carry a baton on duty receive mandatory training in their use. You should, too. Even though it is considered to be a “less-than-lethal” weapon, it can cause serious bodily injury. Certain areas of the body, e.g. the head, are almost always off limits for strikes.

Q: As a civilian, where can I go to receive training in the use of a baton?
A: Training schools open to civilians are very difficult to find. The major baton manufacturers (ASP, Monadnock, others) only allow students from police agencies or security companies to enroll in their classes.

The good news is that Semper Firearms Training has teamed up with Karl Rodriguez, a certified ASP instructor, to offer the tactical baton class to ordinary citizens.

Q: Where can I learn details about your baton class?
A: Please read more here:…/
Check the calendar for dates. Our next course will be held on Saturday June 3, 2017, in Sparks, NV.

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